New Testimonial

I had the most fantastic session with Mistress Pandora of Birmingham this morning.

Mistress Pandora is incredibly beautiful, with a stunning figure, a beautiful face and perfect complexion. Mistress takes great care over how she dresses, and wears the nicest clothes.

Mistress’s equipment is kept spotlessly clean and is of the highest quality.

Being whipped and caned by Mistress Pandora is an honour and a pleasure. She has the knack of getting you into subspace and you find yourself wanting to take more punishment to please her.

There was no clock watching and Mistress went a fair bit over the time because she was enjoying it too.

If you seek a Mistress in Birmingham, or anywhere in the West Midlands, I strongly recommend Mistress Pandora.  I can’t wait to go back



New Testimonial

I am sending you the testimonial as I was very pleased with the session.

Very discreet house, Parking is ok. Clean Dungeon and great equipment.

Mistress Pandora wasn’t in hurry we had chat before the session starts. Services included where CBT, Bondage & Discipline, Foot worship and watersports.

I enjoyed every second of the session. I love Mistresses very long legs great for worshiping.

It was my first session with Lady Pandora and I was very pleased and satisfied with her service.

I will see her very soon, great Lady with great personality.

Thank you Lady Pandora

Your slave Rob


My New Red Dress!



I had a photo session today to show off my perfect figure in my new red dress

Photos are in Gallery 4

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New Testimonial

I enjoyed an amazing with Lady Pandora this morning, and I had the honour of being able to worship Mistress’s feet and her heavenly bottom

I was also put into bondage and was whipped, caned and had the pinwheel used all over my body

Lady Pandora got me into subspace very quickly and kept me there until the end of the session – highly recommended


See my new pinwheel!



I added more photos to Gallery, including some of me with my new pinwheel

Click here to view Gallery 3


New Gallery Added – Gallery 3

I just added a new gallery. Only a few photos in it at the moment but it will get bigger!


New Gallery Added – Gallery 2


I have added a new gallery to my website today – Gallery 2

This new gallery has photos of me in different outfits and in session too

Extra galleries will be added every month or so


Session with peter


peter asked me for humiliation and punishment, and received a constant supply of both.  I love dishing out verbal humiliation to my slaves!

I asked peter for permission to take some photos of him tied up ready for punishment and sitting on my spiked chair.  You can see the photos in Gallery 2

I soon had peter mesmerised and under my spell.  I can wrap any man around my little finger!

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Testimonial from peter

Lady Pandora’s place is easy to get to, with plenty of free parking outside, in a nice area.

I was struck by her beauty as soon as I met her.  She has an exquisitely beautiful face and a perfect figure.

Lady Pandora asked about my likes and dislikes during our pre session chat, and she managed to get me into subspace remarkably quickly.  This was the most intense session I’ve ever had.  Every second was filled with pleasure.  It was as if Lady Pandora was determined to squeeze as much pleasure into our time together as she could, and she succeeded.  Not a second was wasted.

The entire session was intensely enjoyable.  I’m really looking forward to another session with Lady Pandora.

If you are able to get to Birmingham, I strongly recommend Lady Pandora.  The combination of her beauty, her naturally dominant personality and her expertise are unforgettable; a truly world class experience

Thank you Lady Pandora



Gallery Photos



I have a large gallery on my website

Extra galleries will be added regularly

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