A Session With West Midlands Mistress Pandora

Wow, Mistress Pandora is beautiful! And she has the most stunning figure I’ve ever seen. From top to bottom, her beauty is breathtaking. Seeing is believing.

After a pre session chat, we started with some foot and leg worship, leading onto bottom worship. Mistress Pandora has the sexiest bottom in the world. Absolute perfection! The bottom worship lasted for ages and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was then fastened to some restraints that were attached to the wall and was subjected to CBT, nipple torture and whipping, all of which started gently, easing me inexorably into subspace, aided by Mistress Pandora’s Eastern European accent, which I loved. I’m going to request an interrogation scene next time!

I was then strapped to the bench and caned, once again having been eased into subspace before the strokes became harder.

The combination of Mistress Pandora’s beauty and expertise are rare. I can’t wait to go back!


Testimonial from slave – first toilet training

I am wearing my collar/leash, “THANK YOU Lady Pandora!” naked down your dungeon, chained to wall, its torturing my mind waiting for you, then i hear your heels on red staircase, cock hardens INSTANTLY(fuck me i love sound those heels), LOUDER, LOUDER I hear them, you enter and i see you wearing thigh high boots, leather top, mask and you have a whip! as you approach me my cock is POKER HARD, heart beats faster and faster, I am excited, apprenhesive and little scared(think to myself, fuck me she looks fantastic, that curvaceous body, legs, ass and thigh boots, fuck me i wish i was her BOOT SLAVE) LP “time for your 1st toilet training J” releases slave and orders me “down on all 4s you pathetic slut” pulls me by hair to toilet bowl and whacks my ass with whip, “clean that you fucking dirty bitch, i want it sparkling clean” “YES Lady Pandora thank you” use my tongue to clean rim and top of bowl. “your slacking you fucker. i want bottom cleaned too” and pushes my head DEEP down til my nose hits the piss using spiked heel of right boot, “now get on with it, let me see how you use your tongue, lick it clean you whore, if you want me to OWN you do a good job” i lick and clean for good 10 mins(i feel total humiliated but feels great). then feel you pull hard on my leash and drags me outside to dungeon floor! “you look at toilet bowl then look into my brown eyes “mmm not bad for 1st attempt, you ready to please me again J?” “YES Lady Pandora i want you to train me, to OWN me 24/7″(cock is so fucking hard me saying that). “lay down on your back slut” Lady Pandora stands directly above my head and pisses into my mouth, “drink it slave, i want to see you take it ALL, that’s all your good for”and laughs at me! “stand up straight, DON’T look at me you pathetic slave, keep your head bowed, now what do you say slave J?” “THANK YOU for using me today, i want oh so much to be your OBEDIENT, LOYAL, COMMITTED, DEDICATED, ADORING slave!”

I had great time during our session and looking forward to our next one very soon!

This was my first toilet training and I did really enjoyed our session Mistress! Thank you


Testimonial from slave j

Slave J is naked down your dungeon, Lady Pandora wearing her thigh high boots stockings and panties, ties my hands behind my back with leather restraints, feels good the leather, Lady Pandora then puts a mask on me, just holes for my eyes and mouth and closes the zip, “that 7 inch cock needs restrained slave J” and uses  white bondage rope around base cock, around bottom of balls and ties them up really tight individually! i moan but CANT speak because zip is closed! “Lady Pandora unzips me, what do you say slave?”, “THANK YOU Lady Pandora”

Lady Pandora tells slave “on your knees” and stands behind me, puts her hands over my mouth for 2 mins, i gasp for air when you remove them! “lets see how long you can go slave”, puts hands over mouth for 3 mins, i gasp lot more this time gulping for air!

“lay on your back slave” Lady Pandora sits on my face with your back to me, oh fuck me its amazing feeling, cant breath, its torture but its exciting, getting a highly sexual Adrenalin rush! Lady Pandora moves from side to side grinding your ass deep into my face, i want to beg for mercy but i cant, Lady Pandora gets off me and i gulp for lots and lots of air! “thank you lady Pandora, you are an incredible mistress, best i could have to train me!”

Thank you and I will see you soon again!


Webcam Domination

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Testimonial from slave J

Dear Mistress

I am very grateful for our session that we had recently.

On my arrival Lady Pandora was waiting for me in the amazing and incredible army uniform also wearing hat and lovely leather over knee boots. Her cane was already in her hand!

I was ordered to kneel and worship her boots than she told me to follow her to her Dungeon.

At her Dungeon I was given puppy training than  i was locked in cage, Lady Pandora use electric paddle for electric spanking.

During the session I have experienced extreme caning and forced cross dressing.

This was an amazing session, I will be definitely back for next session very soon.

Great Goddess and real strict lady Pandora.

Thank you

slave Jay


New Testimonial

I booked for a Latex Vacuum Bed session (1hr). The session was amazing. I was teased by Lady Pandora with a vibrating device, I felt so helpless and I really wanted to touch myself but I couldn’t.

I was able to breath and talk during the session but I was also offered to breath through the tube. I decided to breath through the hole.

Lady Pandora also used a whip and paddle occasionally. The air from the bed was taken out every 10 -15 min.

The session was very erotic and sensational, I felt every touch and tease from Lady Pandora and I was very surprised that the session in thr vacuum bed could be very intense, erotic and sensational.

Thank you my lady, I will be back very soon. Amazing experience!

Slave Piggy Tom


New Latex Vacuum Bed

I now have a Latex Vacuum Bed

I am sure that if you love breath play and sensory deprivation then you will definitely enjoy this session!

Vacuum bed session – the vacuum bed is both a bondage and sensation device. This is to experience a degree of sensory deprivation. The user/sub is unable to move significantly and is unable to speak or see. The tube is running outside of the vacuum bed into the person’s mouth so he can breath.


New Testimonial

Great Mistress, amazing session.

She has an amazing ability to push my limits beyond anything I have preconceived and every session introduced something new.

I get plenty of CBT and her spitting in my open and ready mouth, She trashed my bottom with nettle leaves and all the time with a not so gentle reminder with either a sharp slap or paddle of who was the boss.

Lady Pandora is my owner and my owner tortured me more severely than ever today.

Two hours flew by in the swish of a cane!

This was another great session with this divinely accomplished Dominatrix!

Thank you my lady

Slave Thomas


New Testimonial

Dear Lady Pandora

My testimonial for your website

As always Lady Pandora’s residence was sparkling clean and very comfortable. It was very discreet and I felt safe at all times

Real Goddess, this was in fact the second time I visited her and certainly not the last.

My session was mainly about foot fetish, domestic servitude and deprivation play.

I was with Lady Pandora for 3 long hours and I had my best time ever.

Lovely feet for worship, the list of my duties was already waiting for me in the kitchen area .

After my servitude I was taken to the Dungeon, amazing and clean Dungeon great settings and very well organised.

I will be back very soon !! Thank you my Goddess.

your slave George

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