Testimonial from slave j

Slave J is naked down your dungeon, Lady Pandora wearing her thigh high boots stockings and panties, ties my hands behind my back with leather restraints, feels good the leather, Lady Pandora then puts a mask on me, just holes for my eyes and mouth and closes the zip, “that 7 inch cock needs restrained slave J” and uses¬† white bondage rope around base cock, around bottom of balls and ties them up really tight individually! i moan but CANT speak because zip is closed! “Lady Pandora unzips me, what do you say slave?”, “THANK YOU Lady Pandora”

Lady Pandora tells slave “on your knees” and stands behind me, puts her hands over my mouth for 2 mins, i gasp for air when you remove them! “lets see how long you can go slave”, puts hands over mouth for 3 mins, i gasp lot more this time gulping for air!

“lay on your back slave” Lady Pandora sits on my face with your back to me, oh fuck me its amazing feeling, cant breath, its torture but its exciting, getting a highly sexual Adrenalin rush! Lady Pandora moves from side to side grinding your ass deep into my face, i want to beg for mercy but i cant, Lady Pandora gets off me and i gulp for lots and lots of air! “thank you lady Pandora, you are an incredible mistress, best i could have to train me!”

Thank you and I will see you soon again!

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