Testimonial from slave – first toilet training

I am wearing my collar/leash, “THANK YOU Lady Pandora!” naked down your dungeon, chained to wall, its torturing my mind waiting for you, then i hear your heels on red staircase, cock hardens INSTANTLY(fuck me i love sound those heels), LOUDER, LOUDER I hear them, you enter and i see you wearing thigh high boots, leather top, mask and you have a whip! as you approach me my cock is POKER HARD, heart beats faster and faster, I am excited, apprenhesive and little scared(think to myself, fuck me she looks fantastic, that curvaceous body, legs, ass and thigh boots, fuck me i wish i was her BOOT SLAVE) LP “time for your 1st toilet training J” releases slave and orders me “down on all 4s you pathetic slut” pulls me by hair to toilet bowl and whacks my ass with whip, “clean that you fucking dirty bitch, i want it sparkling clean” “YES Lady Pandora thank you” use my tongue to clean rim and top of bowl. “your slacking you fucker. i want bottom cleaned too” and pushes my head DEEP down til my nose hits the piss using spiked heel of right boot, “now get on with it, let me see how you use your tongue, lick it clean you whore, if you want me to OWN you do a good job” i lick and clean for good 10 mins(i feel total humiliated but feels great). then feel you pull hard on my leash and drags me outside to dungeon floor! “you look at toilet bowl then look into my brown eyes “mmm not bad for 1st attempt, you ready to please me again J?” “YES Lady Pandora i want you to train me, to OWN me 24/7″(cock is so fucking hard me saying that). “lay down on your back slut” Lady Pandora stands directly above my head and pisses into my mouth, “drink it slave, i want to see you take it ALL, that’s all your good for”and laughs at me! “stand up straight, DON’T look at me you pathetic slave, keep your head bowed, now what do you say slave J?” “THANK YOU for using me today, i want oh so much to be your OBEDIENT, LOYAL, COMMITTED, DEDICATED, ADORING slave!”

I had great time during our session and looking forward to our next one very soon!

This was my first toilet training and I did really enjoyed our session Mistress! Thank you

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