New Testimonial

I try to visit Lady Pandora approximately once a month if I can. I find it is good to build a rapport with the same Mistress. Our sessions get better each time.

Lady Pandora is very understanding, and very careful to get the session just right and enjoyable for both of us. Due to the rapport we have built up we are able to feed off each others’ pleasure.

Today’s session started with some foot worship. Lady Pandora has the most beautiful, well pedicured feet imaginable, and she has some lovely shoes too.

I was then strapped to her CBT chair and subjected to CBT and other torture with her pinwheel and other implements. Lady Pandora also sat on me and used me as her chair.

I was then strapped to her bench and given an expert warm up with various implements before being caned.

Finally I was rewarded with some clothed bottom worship. This is a real honour, because Lady Pandora is very beautiful, with a perfect figure.

I haven’t mentioned everything that happened during the session, but I hope I have whetted your appetite enough to have a session with Lady Pandora and I hope that, like me, you become a regular

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