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New Testimonial

My testimonial for you my goddess.

I have seen Lady Pandora for first time, Lady Pandora’s house is in quiet little side road. There was plenty of parking available.

My Mistress was dressed in gorgeous little black leather dress with glorious thigh high boots.

I was ordered to strip than my hands were cuffed.

After that I was blindfolded and made count the pegs that where added.

After a while, I was treated to some swift kicks and allowed to kneel. I felt so utterly powerless.

I was also ordered to clean Lady Pandora’s shoes with my tongue.

I cannot express it in words, but I can hands down say that this was one of the best submissive experience I ever had.

Thank you Lady Pandora!!

Slave Richard


New Testimonial

As always Lady Pandora’s residence was sparkle clean and very comfortable. It was very discreet and I felt safe at all times.

Real Goddess, this was in fact the second time I visited her and certainly not the last.

My session was mainly about foot fetish, domestic servitude and deprivation play.

I was with Lady Pandora for 3 long hours and I had my best time ever.

Lovely feet for worship, the list of my duties was already waiting for me in the kitchen area .

After my servitude I was taken to the Dungeon, amazing and clean Dungeon great settings and very well organised.

I will be back very soon !! Thank you my Goddess.

your slave George


New Testimonial

I try to visit Lady Pandora approximately once a month if I can. I find it is good to build a rapport with the same Mistress. Our sessions get better each time.

Lady Pandora is very understanding, and very careful to get the session just right and enjoyable for both of us. Due to the rapport we have built up we are able to feed off each others’ pleasure.

Today’s session started with some foot worship. Lady Pandora has the most beautiful, well pedicured feet imaginable, and she has some lovely shoes too.

I was then strapped to her CBT chair and subjected to CBT and other torture with her pinwheel and other implements. Lady Pandora also sat on me and used me as her chair.

I was then strapped to her bench and given an expert warm up with various implements before being caned.

Finally I was rewarded with some clothed bottom worship. This is a real honour, because Lady Pandora is very beautiful, with a perfect figure.

I haven’t mentioned everything that happened during the session, but I hope I have whetted your appetite enough to have a session with Lady Pandora and I hope that, like me, you become a regular


Special Offer 1st – 7th April

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From 1st to 7th February, I have a special offer of £100 an hour in my Birmingham dungeon

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Birmingham Mistress Pandora


Special Offer 12th – 19th Feb

From 12th to 19th February, I have a special offer of £100 an hour in my Birmingham dungeon

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Birmingham Mistress Pandora


Special Offer 30th Jan – 7th Feb

From 30th Jan to 7th February, I have a special offer of £100 an hour in my Birmingham dungeon

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Birmingham Mistress Pandora


New Testimonial

Very nice and discreet place. Lady Pandora was wearing very tight latex black skirt with red satin corset, black stiletto heels.

Lovely long legs & very soft feet great for foot worship.

I love her figure and her peachy bottom.

We started with sensual tie & tease, blindfolded. Some spanking and CBT, light caning and whipping.

I really enjoyed foot & leg worship. I also enjoyed to be humiliated by Mistress, I must say that I really had great time and will be back soon.

At the end of the session Lady Pandora give me my favorite Golden Nectar.

Thank you Mistress

Slave Tom


New Testimonial

I have had several sessions with Mistress Pandora now – about 4 or 5 – I’m losing count! I keep going back to her because she is one of the best Mistresses in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

I love the intimacy of her cellar dungeon, her natural beauty and she makes the session very enjoyable all the way through. Mistress Pandora takes great care to ensure you enjoy the session and I find she never has to be reminded of my preferences and hard limits.  She is totally professional in her outlook. I find myself to be genuinely honoured to be with her and I want to serve and please her and suffer for her.

If you are looking for a well equipped, stunningly beautiful and excitingly refreshing Mistress in Birmingham, I strongly recommend a session with Mistress Pandora.  like me, I believe you will want to go back as often as you can.



New Gallery Added!



A brand new gallery has been added – Gallery 6

When you have looked at my galleries, click here to book a session with me in my Birmingham Chambers

Birmingham Mistress Pandora


New Testimonial

I had the most fantastic session with Mistress Pandora of Birmingham this morning.

Mistress Pandora is incredibly beautiful, with a stunning figure, a beautiful face and perfect complexion. Mistress takes great care over how she dresses, and wears the nicest clothes.

Mistress’s equipment is kept spotlessly clean and is of the highest quality.

Being whipped and caned by Mistress Pandora is an honour and a pleasure. She has the knack of getting you into subspace and you find yourself wanting to take more punishment to please her.

There was no clock watching and Mistress went a fair bit over the time because she was enjoying it too.

If you seek a Mistress in Birmingham, or anywhere in the West Midlands, I strongly recommend Mistress Pandora.  I can’t wait to go back


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